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July 24, 2008

My first post in wordpress

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Wow, after like 7 long months, without blogging, i could actually survive. =)

First of all, i got bored with my xanga. Well if you are interested in reading that stupid blog, go ahead, no one is stopping you from doing so. =) www.xanga.com/wyekeat

Nah, i strongly believe you guys would know who am i, right? or else you wont even be here to read my posts and stuff. For readers who dont know me (if there is any) well, you can read my xanga blog. Hahaha, i am too lazy to make even another short introduction on myself. Plus, i dont get it sometimes, what is there to intro about? =(

So, what should i blog about for the first post? Hmm…

I dont like politics, so nah uh.

Oh gosh, wordpress is darn cool compared to blogger or xanga. I think so lar, because maybe this is new to me. I dont really care what are the pros and cons tho. I mean the main thing is to blog right? =)

But i have some other private blogs from blogger. So i basically blog a lot. And some times i would get bored of it. Hopefully i wont get bored of this. I mean yeah. hopefully wont. x)

Oh gosh, now my urge to blog is gone. =( so i shall go off now. I hope there will be another post soon. As in like major event or something. heh.


okay tata.


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