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August 7, 2008


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One more day to our little olympics. Actually i dont really care about that shit thingy. I mean, its only olympics mah. And i dont watch those sports stuff one. I hate sports.

Well, not to say i hate sports lar. I mean sports are something that you should play yourself then only you can experience the fun, you know right? Instead of sitting in front of the tv, and watch how msia lose or something. Thats not how i entertain myself. At least, i dont find it entertaining.

Today, finally there is a final brief on our little themey, projectey workey. Wow, and i thought you could just choose a random topic by yourself or something. But it turns out that they will give you themes to choose. Say earlier lar, ms julie. -.- Then now must rethink the whole proposal d lor. Although i did only like 2% of it, but still its wasting my 2% effort in that particular project when i can actually do something better like, errr… maybe jogging? Jogging is important, it helps you burn your fats, and train your leg muscles. And your staminas. =) But it doesnt give you projectwork marks lar. So i prefer projectwork.

and i m not bullshitting. =) It make sense actually. I am not good at bullshitting.


and rogue is a bullshit movie. Dont watch it. You will regret watching that show. I mean its nice lar. (if rogue have some hot girls) firstly the main actress is like shit. No wonder nobody watches it. I mean, no lar, i dont watch a movie because the main actress is hot. But my mood depends on how hot or sexy the main actress is. =) but my point is, the girls in the show is damn shitty, plus i am not that saddistic to watch a crocodile chewing humans (alive) in their mouth. its hilarious actually. Now i know why jaws is a good movie.

but nvm lar, get to know ppl more. =) its a sucky outing tho. I mean i thought class outing should be at least 10 ppl. But i dont know how many turn up? 5? out of 39. Hmm. I hope our class will stick together more. And i am the youngest. Should i be proud?


off i go.


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