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September 4, 2008

i miss my blog.

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Another classmates birthday, another sense of delightness. =)

what makes my day really is that i am not barred from my examination. Means i will have to pay the 600 ringgit exam fees. (which is a good thing tho it doesnt sound like a good thing, nvm you no need to know)

a couple of study sessions in college til at night really enlightened me a little. Yeah, it strengthens my knowledge on what i am basically learning now, or perhaps, things that i didnt try to absorb in class, due to some PSPness. *ahem

oh well, i am not addicted to games. I am not. But burnout is seriously addictive!! xDD

Okay, that sounded too gay-ish for a man like me. *ahem*

And i seemed to neglect a little of my primary school friends, while they are busy working and preparing for their SPM, i was dating with my collegemates. Mmm… i miss them lar. As in my primary school friends.

Well, of course my secondary school friends in singapore are also being neglected, but who cares lar, when i am already broke, and a trip to singapore would really cost a bomb. =) i am a poor little boy who needs a lollipop to stick into his mouth urgently. And yes, i am hungry now, waiting for the stupid installation to be completed.

Oh ma ma, i just remembered that i have T3 to do. Aiyah, i havent know my T1 results yet. Hopefully i wont fail lar. I know i didnt really put in a lot of effort in my studies yet. But please lar, let me pass okay? Dont bar me yet, i am a good student that comes to class and sits quietly in class, and i promise i didnt make a lot of noise. (due to the psp) hor? overall i dont want to fail lar. okay? =)))))

okay, enough of the crapiness, now i want to train on my fifa manager 08. yeah, gaming time. =) i promise i will study next week, i dont study overtime, because no premium payments. Yeah, see i apply that and i learnt it from both t1 and t2. XDDD Yay me. okay tata!!


off i go.


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