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September 21, 2008

Its an early sunday.

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well, i had an early night yesterday, thus here i am now, early in the morning. Where most of the people enjoy the warmnest of their beds, me sitting in front of my poor little laptop and doing nuts. So i decided to blog again. =)

Well, last thursday we, as a class (half the class) went to bukit cahaya. Well, i dont know, cahaya stands for the very holy word, LIGHT. The hills of light. =) Wow, sounds like some kind of amazing magical hill right?

Not to say its kinda suay, but we had a friend who fell down to the ground while going down the slope. Its not that serious, but you can see blood on his dead skin, and the tatteredness of his jeans. Oh ma ma. And the dried blood on his jeans as well. But luckily else happened.

So overall, everything went quite well, except that uzma and friends didnt come. They prefered shopping.


Whats the funness in shopping when you can spend more time with the nature? The smooth wind, the tenderness of our sun, the birds, the woodyness of our trees, the crackiness of our bicycles, and the excitement of our people. =D

well, instead of me bullshiting here, lets browse through the pictures.


nope, you cant spot me, dont bother looking. =P

no you cant.

now this is more complete (because i am in xD)

after that accident, there were 6 ppl left, so we decided to camwhore more.

and dont you give me that look, no one tells me that the camera was working.

well, this is without our fellow scout master.

after he entered, my ties couldnt take it, so i became like this.

well, i look like i was having constipation. >.<

no doubt, thats bukit cahaya.

its called the wyekeat YO-sign. I will collect royalties from them later.

this is blur, but i kinda like the effects.

this is the clearer one, thus i like the camera.

it was them who forced me to be emo. T.T

thats my popo.

the different points of view. =)

my popo and my jie.

the shortest to the tallest.

then ke li decided to act like a chimpanzee. Haihz, izit some sort of trend?

three lad

three ladies.

she thought shes in a pole dancing bar.

so she decided to act like samara.

dont ask me why.

its call the whatever pose you can think of pose.

then we saw an UFO.

then my jie decided to act like a swallow.

then she realised it is embarassing.

so she decided to stand up.

and pose like tyra banks.

and then we left the four season house.

i am quite lazy to upload the rests. -.-

so i shall end with this picure. Heh.

and i am going to t5 later.



off i go.


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  1. hey! i din go shooping la. laleetha and riz went shopping. hehe. me iman and nad really really wana go but smtg came up. so sorry

    Comment by uzma — September 21, 2008 @ 3:09 PM | Reply

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