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October 8, 2008


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whats wrong with me for the past few days. Nah, you dont want to know. =))

I have been slacking around like its summer vacation, when i am supposed to be preparing for PT2.(the next jellyfish)

It falls on the 17th and 18th. Oh gosh, exactly 8 more days to cram everything that i dont know inside my little puny brain. But i am not a 100% efficient and effective mugger, so yeah, should take at most 10% of real input, means only 19 hours of real input. i think i will die in the next PT2. God bless me. =.=

Didnt have a great night yesterday. I was pms-ing ( i am a girl ) , so yeah, sorry people. =)) Pms is always a good excuse, and i must abuse this excuse. Bahaha.

Oh gosh, thailand is so chaotic now, hopefully i seriously wont die there during the year end trip, or maybe i hope i die there. =) Its always my dream to die NOT in malaysia. And of course, people as kind as me would definitely go to heaven. I know for sure. Heaven here i come!

I hope there is a big heaven orchestra for me to join and i want to play the harp!! Can i? Can i? Harpy Angel looks cool. =) And my target is to win my Harp leader Angel. Even if i cant be in the harp section, i want to be in the choir section.  =DD Am i going too far?

Oh, and in heaven i dont want to have tuna sandwiches. =) I want something like KFC and MC Donald. =DD fast food is always better so i can have more time to practice on my harp. I am a devoted harp player okay!!





Loud concert on the 26th november. Wow, i hope i can go. =)

 Then it would be a perfect sunday for me.



off i go.



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