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October 26, 2008


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such a sunny day today. ^^

perhaps its just my mood is kinda good today, when my dad said that i am allow to go for the loud concert thingy in DUMC. Oh gosh, i am freaking happy.

and people my windows XP kena virus, which actually made me kinda good mood too, i wonder why. Mb its a sign to encourage myself to study more (or study). ^_^ (gay smiley but i love using it)

When i woke up today, and look at the clouds today, i knew today is going to be a perfect sunday for me. I just knew it. I am falling in love with the clouds actually. Maybe because there are no starts here in PJ, but yeah clouds are nice. Dont you think so?

and sichuan, i miss you man. Seriously, and i am glad that you quit rugby. =) as long as you dont hurt yourself, then i am glad already. And rosary is a great girl i think, please do appreciate her you know. =) and i am not as comical as ever okay! I have grown, a little more mature and MAN. Hehehe, but yeah i treat you more than just a 2 years sitting partner. You are my singapore buddy. =) i am glad that i knew you man. I will go and visit you sometime, so dont worry. >)) your yunchuan must be a very macho man already. Hehehe. Thanks, for persevering my annoyance all the time.

and ppl i am corny nowadays. Perhaps the great influence by MEDALYNN. Shes more cheesy than me. =P

and zishen, WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK? DAMN. i miss a lot of people man.



off i go.


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