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November 7, 2008

tml its the day.

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tml is my soulmates birthday. so i definitely must dedicate a post to her punya. Or else the very kecil hati dia mesti pukul the very weak saya. ^^

Oh yeah i didnt get you anything yet. Forgive me. T.T i was thinking and sorting everything out to analyse to figure out what kind of things do you neeed. And i realised you only need me!! ^^ but too bad not only you need me, so i am not going to give something that worth a lot to this world to you right? But yeah, the thing is other than me, you can have almost anything. =)

still i want to say that you are one of the most influencial person in my life. =) although you tend to be insulting and mean, but you are pretty fun to hang with actually. =) and and this is a public blog lar, not good to be too cornish. I shy shy mah, ^^. i am not like weiee. But yeah, to you, my soulmate. HAPPY 17th birthday. See you around after SPM, i will rock your house UPSIDE DOWN. Hehe.

And i miss your cornflake cookies. T.T when are you going to make it again? =))


P/s i will post in ss another time. Cos i planned to make a long post. hehe.


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