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December 21, 2008

Since Wye Keat’s too lazy too blog

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I shall take matters into my own hands.

I would like to disclose some of wyekeat’s deepest darkest secret hmm but he wouldn’t like that. 

SO. I’ve decided to describe wye keat’s working environment. *Peers around eagerly 

Well directly in front of his little sticker-peppered booth, there’s this shop named Gintell which sells massage chairs and the like. and more interestingly, there’s this malay lady shop assistant fidgeting restlessly. hmm she’s shaking her leg now. not a pretty sight. 

hey she’s looking over here. hehe. hm she’s blushing. AND she’s batting her eyelids. okay discomfitting. next!

okay somewhere behind me there’s this hottie. ahem. probably weighs 200 pounds. and that acne streaked face. and that fifty-ish face. yum yum.

now to my err 4 o’ clock another malay lady heheh. this place seems to be teeming with their kind hmm. well she’s stoning outside KFC. probably waiting for her boyfriend who works there. who’s probably sweating his ass off deep frying colonel sander’s chickens. and they’d probably go out after he’s done. but then again they might be siblings. and a brother-sister date would incestuous. and they’re parents would freakkk out man. but then again, it might just be brotherly sisterly outing. or they might really be a valid couple. sigh i’d probably never find out.

and there’s this song that keeps repeating mann. it’s the gintell shop. wyekeat just asked them to shut it. 

wyekeat managed to download house bunny. you know, the busty blonde. kay time to go watch. TTFN :D


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