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December 25, 2008

Finally i am posting something. =)

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Yeah, its damn long since i last posted something. So here i am, on christmas night. Just had my christmas dinner with my family. And i am actually quite glad, that wow my family is actually influenced by me to have this small yet fruitful christmas dinner. I am kinda touched, really.

I really love christmas. =) ( instead of the usual high wyekeat )

And i love my presents, although i havent open them yet, but i know its definitely something i love. =D

Yeah, christmas eve was a bomb, just that it didnt really explode well. =) But i kinda prefer that way. Seriously, at least we had so much great time. ^^ and the huge christmas tree at the entrance of pavilion is seriously awesome. x)

Yeah, a merry christmas to all of you, even it means or doesnt to you. God will definitely bless you guys. =)

Today cyber cafe session was awesome, damn long never play d, felt great. =DD


Oh and i will be solo-ing to a church camp without my ditcher friend (WEIEE). He is awesome really. =) Although he tends to ffk us or to be specific (EVERYONE) but still he is a nice guy and bla bla bla. =) Anyway, its not a post about him. (he doesnt deserve it) its about the church camp. I am getting all excited now. Wahahaa. Thanks to Rachel who invited me to Gopeng (Perak i guess?) which will be a great place, to pray to God, to worship Him and stuffs. I feel the urge already! RAWR! Go Wye Keat Go!!

Not bad, i actually blog! Heh, i rock!


off i go. TTFN!!


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  1. relink (:

    Comment by nikki — December 29, 2008 @ 10:28 AM | Reply

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