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January 2, 2009

Its 2nd.

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I dont know why am i blogging now actually. Its the second day of new year, and i dont really have the new year mood, at least now. Why isnt the timetable out yet, damn it.

I just had some bonding sessions with yungken and zishen. It was glad to know that we are still caring for each other. I mean after so many years of friendship.

I enjoy being with them lar, i mean my mates from primary school. It just bring back the good old memories. =) Like CF. ( I dont know how we came out with this name but yeah its was always so happening back there ) and some random book that we wrote in. The times where we camped in CC before tuitions. Those vulgarities, or rude hand gestures. Hahaha, it really brings me back you know.

And i am glad now that we are still as close as ever. =) Every holidays we would gather around, chill or do something crazy together like that. At least we bond lar. We were always bonding and growing together. From taking public transport to somewhere, to driving there. Its some evolution or what right? =) and the righteous of killing zombies. =P

Its really great lar, to know people for a long period of time, maybe some may think that its boring or whatsoever, but to me, its kinda cool. Although it tends to give me an impression taht i am old or something. But other than that, its great that you have your own group of buddies, and they understand you well enough and stuffs like that. xD and i love tap tap tap.

Damn, and life is really unfair. Trust in God. Isaiah 40:28-31. Please Jesus, bless her! Dont let her suffer no more. =(

Anyway, yeah. I am glad that i have them, they may not be as corny as me, but they give good advices, and good ideas like CC or swimming, or badmintons, or futsals, or snookers… I wont be me, without them seriously. =D

I will go to bukit cahaya tml. Tata for now. I need to go to the hospital.


off i go. Xoxo to my friends.


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