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January 10, 2009

I must be a responsible PRESS-er

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I think i need to really keep this blog alive. And my other blogs as well. =( I am always procrastinating and procrastinating, which is bad. Must be the Rachel Tan’s virus. Shoo~Shoo~ GO AWAY!

I miss blogging, in a way cos not to say its like a personal diary or something like that. But its somewhere where you can just type something on when you have nothing better than do but sitting in front of the computer, telling the world how screwed or how wonderful your life was. =) Its a cool thing to do, seriously. Sharing the important thing which is your feelings, your thoughts and risk getting into jail if you are not careful enough. Right?

Okay, enough of bullshits. I shall raise a more serious matter. =)

I am already in the Second year, (first in 2008, this should be second right?) yeah, second year of college. Its kinda cool with the feeling that EI, I AM A SENIORRR!! FUIYOH. Quite yeng okay. When you walk, also got the FENG one. =) Anyways, i am just crapping lar. Just to create the atmosphere. Whats a blog without the atmosphere right? =)

And i really am addicted to nasi lemak. Who isnt right? =DD

I already heard a lot from the taylor peeps, which is kinda sad. =( but its okay. I pity them but not my problem anw.

Woah, tml i will have two steamboat sessions i think. =D i will seriously own steamboat gao gao wei. Dont worry, i can eat a lot. *munch munch* because i mastered the power of eating. Woahahhaa. actually why is it called steamboat ah? Steam still okay lar, but why the boat? O.o Dont tell me there was a huge and long tradition about this boat getting steam and everyone comes boiling their soup and putting their fishballs and tau poks and eat it when its cooked. =.=

That would be utterly stupid.

Oh gosh,  i am a great and wow student that will stay awake through out the night and start studying about T8. =DD

And seriously group 4 is a larger group now. Its difficult to step out of my very own comfort zone. You know how introverted i am. =( and the nerve problem when i talked to people that i dont usually talk to. I cant control myself, when i am forced to talk to new people then i will cry. T.T Oh yeah, by the way, theres an outing next week (WOAH) to SUNWAY LAGOON ( SO FUN YOU KNOW ), i am getting so excited already. =)

oh well, see first lar. Not like i am a big fan of sunway lagoon also. But aiyah i shall be enthusiastic for once. =D YESH!! SUNWAY LAAAGOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNn! :D

I dont know whats wrong with me today, seemed to be a little bit more hyperactive than ever. Maybe its the nasi lemah i took last two days ago, and the combination of the blueberry cheesecake three days ago, and most importantly is the 6 litres of water yesterday that leads me to this. =) me = awesome. ( SUE ME )

oh well, ladies and gentlemen, its 12.39am. And you know this is the very special time of the day. Its the time that indicates I MUST STOP THIS POST THIS VERY INSTANCE AND REST! Hopefully i will blog tml lar. :D


off i go. I wanna hug and kiss myself so badly that i slept.


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