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January 11, 2009

Today is a sunday.

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Okay, firstly first i have a million pictures to update. but of course being the wow student, i shall not upload every single one of them.

ah, screw that. WordPress is sucky for uploading photos.

Its a sunday where i have to study i guess. =X

Oh yeah, i planned to study tml during the super long four hour break. Which basically starts from 2.30pm to 6.30pm. Well, study consists of super catch up on t9, which i basically ponteng-ed the second lesson on friday. Or was it thursday? O.o nvm. The conclusion is just that i need to focus and study more than i studied last semester. =)

Oh yeah, yesterday i had two steamboat sessions. My stomach almost explode on both sessions. Had too much fishballs or fishcakes or foo choks. I need to start exercising. =) fitness level decrease gao gao.

Newspaper are getting boring nowadays. Nothing interesting to read one. Especially the politics side, they are darn lame seriously. Yes, sue me please. =) Maybe i am a little bored today, oh well, last december really was the best and exciting month for me. =) So many things happened and kept me very busy for a while.

I wonder is there frog chop? O.o Must be quite disgusting. But frog chop sounds nice. =)

oh well, i am bored. I shall go and study. Ttfn.



off i go.


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