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January 21, 2009

This is just life.

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I miss high school life.


Btw, i hope chinese new year is not so soon actually. This break is too soon, that i am pretty bored with holidays now. I prefer this long break to be later. Oh well, not like it will go my way right? =/

I already ffk-ed once in 2009, which is a bad thing. I rmbr saying my new year resolution is not to ffk in 2009.
=( Garh, fail-ed already in the first month. I hope i dont get curse. =)

I dont like 2009 seriously. Lesser time to sleep. Lesser time to play. Lesser time to eat. Lesser time to crap. Lesser time to do everything that i used to do. My bond with my classmates also worsened liao. The only bonding sessions were ktv and cc. Which is slightly unhealthy compared to other normal outing sessions. I miss bak kut tehs, i miss badmintons, i miss eating sessions. I want my blueberry cheese cake. =(

Well, back to why do i miss my high school life. I miss my hostel. I miss my school. I miss sichuan. I miss jingwei. I miss derek. I miss edwin. I miss daryl. I miss ma liang. I miss nickang. I miss 4-4. I miss my classmates. I miss the other classmates. I miss my schoolmates. I miss rugby sessions. =) I miss floorball. I miss basketball. I miss soccer. I miss dance =X. I miss church. I miss suaning sessions. I miss tao pok sessions. I miss bishan. I miss fried carrot cake. I miss bubbletea. I miss waffles at that very store. I miss sichuan were forced to swallow a table spoon full of sambal after he lost a bet with me. =) I miss lhb. I miss suah. I miss imedia. I miss j8. I miss the smell of the MRT. I miss east coast. I miss having remedials. I miss slacking around in my gan ma’s class. I miss prelims. I miss laksa stall. I miss the primary school canteen curry chicken stall. I miss nugget stall. I miss the drinks stall. I miss my dance room. I miss my cello. =X I miss the toilet of cat high. I miss the pond that i threw stones at it. I miss our student lounge. I miss camps. I miss mahjong. I miss the expensive movie tickets. I miss orchard road. I miss the no chewing gum days… I miss damn a lot more but i cant think for this very moment.

But there is also a conclusion. I miss singapore. =(

Especially people over there.

Oh well. I hope this is not the last post before cny. =) I hope i really will have fun with my cousins. Same to people out there too. =) Dont get bored. But if you do, just try to ignore the boredom lar. I am sure its not that bad. =)



off i go. =)


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  1. wah…so many things you missed… :( dont so emo la.. :) actually i also miss a lot of things..but what to do…life is unfair anyway.. :\

    Comment by Xinyi — February 1, 2009 @ 2:02 PM | Reply

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