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February 6, 2009


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Seriously its been damn long since i really update about something. =)

Seriously this year’s cny really is damn boring. Maybe i enjoy going out with my friends rather than relatives or gambling. This year i only lost one round of mahjong and thats because i played one round of mahjong. This year’s urge in gambling seriously vanished, somehow. Dont ask me how, but i just didnt feeel like gambling at all. The round in mahjong, it was because my dad forced me to, or else i wont even bother. =)

Basically the very highlight of cny is that we celebrated my waipo’s 80th birthday. Seriously that is a cool age, in my opinion only i guess. But yeah, what is the percentage of any human beings being able to live til 80 years old wor? I love my waipo very much. =) And God really bless her all these while. She still is strong even though shes an eighty year old lady. Her mental calculation is seriously damn fast okay. Just slower by the calculator by a few seconds.

And the best part about cny is that i dont really care about the amount of ang paos i received. Normally, i would be like so eager to peek into the angpao to check for the figure. And see whether i can hit a four figure sum. Seriously, that is so shallow. Luckily i stopped this time round. I dont even care whether i have angpaos anot actually. I wore black on the first few days of cny, which is actually not entirely my fault, cos seriously i bought quite a lot of black shirts. Who to blame? =P Aiyah, seriously i think its lame to only wear red for cny. Who cares really? =P

Anyway, met a lot of relatives during cny lar. Those very distant relatives lar. Which i dont know them at all, for some. But most of them, i think i know them. =D And i love the moment where we all sang happy birthday to my waipo, seriously damn cool okay. I am sure if i am my waipo, i would be so touched and extremely happy. Not easy okay, to have a FOURTH generation there to celebrate with you. =D

The point is, cny is not really fun but still theres some fun in a way lar. =)

After cny, is thaipusam. And thaipusam is not really here yet. SO I dont really care actually. =)

But still, between cny, theres a lot of shits happened. But i dont think its suitable to reveal out any of them. =) I shall just bear the pain with my own, or with my loved ones. Hopefully its not a big deal lar. I mean its just some small matters only. heh. I have God. He will help me to deal all of it. Thats because He love me more than anyone else. =) So mr satan. You can kiss your sorry little ass off, i will not listen to you. Please go back to hell. Thats where you belong. Wahahaha.

Liars go to hell. =)

But why do we still lie? =/

nvm. =) i am not going to be emo again. Heh. Anyway, happy cny to everyone who is out there enjoying. I dont want to spoil your new year mood. But i doubt any of you have so. =P

This is my longest post so far in feb. =))

off i go. xoxo.


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