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March 4, 2009

its march.

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March is here already?! Damn it. My last post was like one month ago. And i think i need to update it or else the dying blog of mine would be dead.

Well i shall blog about something totally random at all.

It shall be my cousin’s dear wedding in MUAR. =)

Oh well, i can say its not the best wedding i have been to so far. But i realised something other than this wedding.

Is that i have been attending quite a lot of weddings in my teenage’s life. (around 11) if i have not mistaken. Its quite a lot okay! Maybe there are people outside there who have been to many more weddings then me, but oh well who cares? =P

But i kinda like the wedding mood. =D everyone seems happy and stuffs. Even people like me, who was being a little moodish tend to laugh and smile during weddings. =) Its great what, witnessing the great wedding of any couples who love each other so much, gets to form a family of their own. And ya da ya da ya da. =) the point is, i envy them. ;)

Not like i am so desperate to get married and stuffs lar. Dont get me wrong. Is that i kinda envy them that they finally get to be together after how many years. =) Its great to stay together with your love ones and stuffs. At least they get to see each other everyday right? =D

Oh well, and something that hits me even more was that article i read from newspaper. About the lizard which waited for ten years from sin chew. i believed most you have read it tho. =) But its seriously heart warming lar. And this eventually links to the movie i watched recently, called the Seven pounds. By will smith. Yeah, that show is touching too. =) All about love.

Bible is one of the evidence or should i say tools that God is there for me,  to love me and stuffs. I get cheered up you know when i read the bible or the stars which is also the sign of my love ones. =) i dont know whats wrong with me. But yeah, i just want to say i love you. =)

The rest of the things in my heart, you figure out yourself. =P

I shall go and read on with my tax textbook. I got it already. I am so gonna pawn this paper. RAWR!


off i go. xoxo.


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