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March 5, 2009

Tomorrow is a friday.

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Its been years since i last saw my buddies. Okay other than the usual jogging pals. =) I wonder are they still living? =)

Oh well, i actually had something in mind to blog about today, but i guess being a very stm minded person means that you have to suffer the very own consequences. -.-

Sorry readers ( whom i do not know) But oh well, not like i care anyway.

And today i heard from my dearest classmate, puilee, that blogs are dangerous, especially when you know its going to be something not impressive for your future bosses to read or your employees to read. She said must be careful of what you post in the blogs, and i was kinda shocked by her very maturely 20 year old advices. but oh well, not like my posts are going to be bring my future career down. For now i am going to be a little sucked up.

Dear future bosses of mine,

I would like to thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to work under you.

And if you are reading this, you must be very lucky.

Not all the bosses in the world gets to read a personal message from their very own employees.

Well, i am sure i wont cause you any troubles.

And if you are going to suck my personal information from my blog, then i dont think its a wise choice, because i normally crap in my posts.

But you must be a real good stalker if you can trace til this blog, or should i say just this particular post.

Heh, and for your information, i dont take drugs, nor a criminal. I am just your good loyal employee.





oh well, thats the end of my message. =)

Off i go.


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  1. i’d need an accountant in my interior design firm, just so you know, future EMPLOYEE.

    haha somehow your first paragraph is highly related to me, dang, im gonna cry!

    Comment by Weiee — March 6, 2009 @ 8:36 AM | Reply

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