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March 30, 2009

Richard and Me

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Its a nice show. =)

It just reminds me of my hamster named, Richard Bin Dua Billion. =) Its a female FYI. =)

Richard is the cutest hamster i ever had. ( i had two hamsters only) She was around 3 mths old when i first met her. =)

Nope, not like any other ordinary hamsters, she doesnt eat and sleep all the time. She always love to stay on top of a tiny rock that i set up for her.

I used to call that rock the “the thinking spot” for it. =D Cute right? I dont know why though, why this kind of hamster exist but yeah, i do spend time with her, talking and talking. But she is just a hamster.

I am not going to be whats the stupid guy name again in stuart little? Its quite dumb to play with a rat, mouse, mice or even a hamster. I mean what can a small little puny hamster do with me? Its not a dog. ( i hate dogs anyway)

But i remember once she bit me, maybe she thought that i was going to hurt her or something. Or she think that she is too sexy that i might raped her? O.o Thats why, nvr trust a hamster. =)

Maybe Richard is a smarter version of a hamster. =)

Then if i didnt remember wrongly. Richard managed to escape or something from her cage and went to America to have her honeymoon. =)


Okay, enough of craps. =)


off i go.


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