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March 31, 2009

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001. Real Name : Lim Wye Keat

002. Nickname(s) : –

003. Age : Eighteen!

004. Zodiac Sign : Pieces

005. Male or Female : I MIGHT BE A FEMALE.

006. Elementary : Peter and Jane!

007. Middle School: SJK(C) YUK CHAI!! ( I AM ONE OF THE YUK CHAI-IANS)

008. High School : Catholic High School (Sg)

009. College School : Sunway University College

010. Hair colour : Its green.

011. Long or Short : Darn long. Something like 3mm like that.

012. Loud or Quiet : Very quiet. You wont believe this i know.

013. Sweats or Jeans : Does it matter? O.o 

014. Phone or Camera : Camera and phone. I dont care.

015. Health Freak : Freaking yesh!!

016. Drink or Smoke : Why?

017. Do you have a crush on someone : nope. =)

018. Eat or Drink : Does it really matter again?

019. Piercings : Yeah, on my NIPPLE!

020. Tattoos : on my ass.

021. Social or Anti-Social: anti-social. I dont have any friends.

022. First Piercing : When i was 3 mths old. My mum took me and pierce my ears. I didnt have the strength to resist. I could only cry. T.T

023. First Relationship : With?

024. First Best Friend : Who cares the first? When i have them right now? =)

025. First Award : you must be jokking. You didnt know? O.o

026. First Kiss : ah, my mum took it away. T.T

027. First Pet: Richard. =) and she is the last pet!

028. First Big Vacation : big vacation meaning the length of time? Or the place?

029. First Love at first sight: It does happen! =DDD

030. First Big Birthday : like i said, DEFINE THAT BIG FIRST! YOU MORON!

031. Eating : nope. Not eating.

032. Drink : nope either.

033. Excitement Level : about what? THIS?! you must be kidding.

034. I’m about to : have my lunch?

035. Listening to : dont make stupid assumptions. -.-

036. Plan for today : Go home as early as i can.

037. Waiting for : MIRACLES.

038. Energy Level : low. Exhausted.

039. Thinking of someone: Yeah, chia poh. T.T

040. Want kids? : Hmm… Can i have a dog first? Then i shall decide. 

041. Want to get married?: With a martian? O.o

042. Careers in mind? : Not something too boring can ler. ( i am taking accounts)

043. Lips or Eyes? : Can you be more precise?!

044. Romantic or Funny? : On what? O.o

045. Shorter or Taller? : AND WHAT?!

046. Protective or Caring? : …

047. Romantic or Spontaneous? : it doesnt make sense.

048. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: i have both. 

049. Sensitive or Loud? : the speaker you mean? 

050. Hook-up or Relationship? : And what is this?

051. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? :….

052. Lost glasses or contacts : Why?

053. Ran away from home : why should i? i love my home wei.

054. Held a gun/knife for self defence: no need lar. I am the dangerous one. :D

055. Killed somebody : i have the heart of an angel. =)

056. Broken someone’s heart : maybe.

057. Been arrested : for being too hot? Yeah.

058. Cried when someone died : nope. I nvr had that kind of experience yet. Which is great. :D

sometimes Do you believe in,

 059.Yourself: Yeah.

060. Miracles : It does happen! 

061. Love at first sight: Izit the same question over again? O.o

062. Heaven : YES OF COURSE!

063. Santa Claus : yeah.

064. Tooth Fairy : Yes

065. Kiss in the first date: hmmm…


067. Is there someone you would want to be with right now? : yes, chia poh lor. 

068. Are you seriously happy with where you’re in life now? : okay gua. I miss Richard! 

069. Do you believe in God? : Yes, I believe in Jesus!


this tag is kinda messed up and everything. But its okay. =) i dont mind.

Hell, i am so bored now. Save me someone!!! or anyone would do. Hehheheh. I have tax later. so tata!


off i go.


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