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April 9, 2009

yogi tusaka

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I am so bored right now.

I realised games are just so dumb.

So what if it can temporarily filled your mind? Your heart would be still empty.

I seriously dont know why people get so addicted with certain games, like DOTA? Maple? WoW? ETC…

Are they seriously that fun that you would be remembering them for your entire life?

Are they seriously so fun?

I am sicked of them already. =.=

I dont know why, maybe i am just not man enough to play games bah.

But all those addiction to Left 4 dead, dota, cs and etc… Seriously its just gone with the wind.

All these can give me temporary happiness, but on the long run, its just like drugs.

Although i dont quite sure how is it like, but yeah must be fun and exciting in the beginning, but torturous in the end.

I prefer something that can last long. Not games definitely. Maybe a couple urges to CC is okay, but not on usual basis for sure.

I have to start studying. Wye Keat, its time to wake up!

All those temporary happiness?

Its time to put aside.

Stop procrastinating.

Because it wont do you any good.

Other than that, i dont know what to post already.

Its time to jog. And jogging is a healthy life cycle that is necessary for human beings. =) Its a good de-stressing tool.

You guys should try it really.

Off i go…



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