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April 25, 2009

-insert any title u like-

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well..i was act studying fyi. =P

and ‘fish’ rocks kay??

heh..srsly i dunno what to post wei. i cant be posting bout myself in your blog right??

its YOUR blog wei.

anyway..since u asked me to post sth. i shall just be perasan here! whee~~~

oh gosh..i still cant believe we managed to get 75 out of 100 man. feel so proud of us.

n the thing is..we rarely practice together u know.

wakaka..all we did was just some last min preparation and somehow the minus-one cd cant be played at the very very last min. so yeah..we just went up on stage without any background music. i wonder why we have the courage doing so as well. but its our last year! so who cares.  X) We really tried our very BEST. *applause plus we promoted for the camp. so i m happy. =)

heh..*syok sendiri. but still it feels great to know that we got No.5. oh maybe consolation prize bah. XD

i shall show you the video henglin took. erm..i think he took video for each n everyone of us. =D and thats a big sum. kaka.

oh yeah..n i m still sad that i cant make it for ur Sports DAY. kaka..glad to hear that u enjoyed urself..beside getting dead tired and aches all over and twisted ur ankle or sth and torn ur ligaments?? X.x one word..its all becoz of over-exercising right? XP

but yeah..its the moments that count..my dear. =) destination is not the thing that matter..its the journey. woohoo.

and i wanna hear bout ur tiring amazing race wei! tell me the details. kaka.

okok..i shall go back to my study now. phospholipids and fluid mosaic models! XP

p/s: i still think that u were being too gan jiong..if u know what i mean. =P



u know who i m.




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