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May 11, 2009

11th May

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I have this urge to eat some ice creams. =) But the fridge is too far away. So i rather just stay in my cosy bed. =)


Its been how long since i last blogged? Well compared to the hyper active blogger = tienyi, i know i am just nothing.

Her enthusiasm in blogging, its just like the past me. But hey, you know four consecutive of working days is just tiring.

And dull. Plus a little unmeaningful.

I bought four colour pens. =X I know its weird. But somehow aaron’s green pen (that i STOLE from him) ink died on me. T.T

So i bought two green pen, one purple and a light brown pen. It was just pure random. =))

And mother’s day. Hmm.. lets dont talk about it. =)

Cos its a total failure due to me having to work on that day, and i forgotten til someone reminded me somehow. =X

But in the end i called my mum to wish her lar. =) Better than yungken, which i saw his mum shopping for groceries alone, while he himself was sleeping. =)


I wanna jog wei. T.T


Starboy and Moongirl. =)



Oh yeah. I forgotten what was my objectives in coming online. I seriously need to start Mugging!! Its a term that i need to use now. Haihz.



off i go. xoxo.



  1. HAHAHAHAHA i got quite a shock when i arrived at your blog and saw a completely changed blogskin. but i like this skin lor it’s very colorful (:

    and yeah lah, learn from me and blog more haih. =(

    btwwww your guessing has failed. =(

    Comment by tienyi — May 12, 2009 @ 4:25 PM | Reply

  2. aw, your blogskins are rather cute! hahah. You stole Aaron’s pen? Guess what, I ROBBED HIS also, green & purple. I wonder if he supplies pens for us. HAHAHA!

    Comment by nic — May 17, 2009 @ 10:53 AM | Reply

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