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August 23, 2009

Bukit Tinggi TRIP.

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We went to Bukit Tinggi for a random occasion. Okay, maybe to me it was purely random, as i decided to go last minute?

Well. Bukit tinggi wasnt exactly a fun place to go, to be honest. =) All i remember was just rabbit farm, which i didnt get to see any rabbits this time.


as usual, we camwhore. =)

6328_134150858648_575178648_2464643_316217_nTrying to be as inspirational as we could, but it was some good attempt.


We worship KIWIs?


yeah, noticed my mouth was wide open because i saw some stripper on the streets of FA GUO CHUN! =)


we showed off our sexy butts. While jolyne showed that her butt can be having teeths. *shivers.


we had steamboats all night. =DD as usual i eat fishballs. But this time i was crazy about kang kungs. ==


we played like 3 years old.


Mat Rempits. The noob-er ones.


we thought we were back in malacca.


we never give up on the night scene. xD


we got so wasted, but never get laid. =(

obviously, it was just some trip?

I spend most of the night time alone. Some serious thoughts while i walked around of the FA GUO CHUN. It was not bad at all, i thought i would be afraid or something, but i think God is with me. =)

I can sense that even i was being a little melancholic this time, He was with me all the time, trying to comfort me. I can feel Him.

I didnt get much sleep during this trip, perhaps 10mins on the sofa? as the beds were occupied by some random spoil brats ;p

Whatever. It was not bad after all. Worth to blog about it anyway. =)

off i go.


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