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October 16, 2009


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I remember once Pastor How (HOGC) mentioned about humans are all borned sinners,

and i remember clearly how he tried quoting 孔子 “人之初,性本善 ( with his not very good chinese accent ), isn’t exactly true!”

Humans are borned evil, i take myself as example.

Sometimes i am just mean to others, i know it myself. Its uncontrollable, and many a times, i just didnt do it on purpose. But i just did, no one deserve to get some bad ass meanee treatment right?

Sometimes, i swear. Okay, nowadays i sweared a lot. Not to say its influenced by others or what, but my self control pretty much stinks.

Sometimes i lie. Okay lets put it this way i dont lie sometimes. I find lying is pretty much addictive. And we all lie since we were 2? or 3? Liars go to hell! Heard of it?

To be really honest, i kept giving excuse on finding a church since i came back from Singapore. Then, these few days, i am suddenly hungry for God again. Longing for Your Presence, quoted from my first worship song in the old building of Heart of God church, falling in this place.

I am longing for Your presence, Lord.

As weiee always wanting me to settle myself down here, and not longing for the Past. The past will always remain…


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